Walnut Hill: Neighborhood Thrift Store Offers People a Second Chance

Manager Lamar Boowp stands by the counter inside The Second Mile Center


The Second Mile Center, a thrift store selling discount goods ranging from clothing to furniture, has been a Walnut Hill fixture for approximately 30 years.

Walnut Hill residents walked by The Second Mile Center.

The store, unrelated to the controversial Jerry Sandusky charity, hires ex-convicts, former drug addicts, the homeless and other local residents who may have difficulty finding employment otherwise.

“They try to give people a second opportunity in life, and well, they did that for me. It’s been very beneficial,” employee Jafar Thornton-Bey said.

Ronald Lucas, the associate director of The Second Mile Center, said the center is a “non-profit, Christian mission that exists to help people with life controlling problems.”

Ronald Lucas is the associate director of The Second Mile Center.

Aside from providing employment to those who need it, The Second Mile Center is a community-based organization and focuses heavily on connecting with the Walnut Hill neighborhood.

“We try to service the community, we try to hire people from the community, we try to be a part of the community here,” Lucas said. “We have events here at the Second Mile Center where the public and the community is always invited…We are a reflection of this community.”

Manager Lamar Boone stood by the counter inside The Second Mile Center.

“It’s like one big family,” employee Tracy Burch said. “Everybody gets along; there’s a lot of love here.”


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