Roxborough: Number of Voters Up Slightly

Voters turned out at the Roxborough library.

Residents of Roxborough were able to vote Tuesday morning at the Roxborough branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia located at 6245 Ridge Ave.

Since the library opened at 7 a.m., it experienced a sporadic turnout, with visitors coming in and out of the library, eliminating long lines. Despite the lack of lines, the library’s turnout numbers were positive, receiving almost 150 voters by 10 a.m.

“This is about the sixth polling place I visited since 7 o’clock,” State Rep. Pam DeLissio said,  “and it has been awesome.”

According to Louis Agre, this year’s turnout was higher than the library received during the previous election.

As far as technical issues go, the library experienced no problems with their voting booths.

“It could be 10 years I’ve been doing this,” Bob Duffy, judge of elections of the library said. “I know how to iron out the bugs so we don’t even call [technicians] but we never have problems here.”

The library saw a variety of voters who voted differently from each other. Some, like Tony Knighton, voted based on his own political affiliation.

“I voted straight Democratic,” Tony Knighton said, “because I’ve always been a Democrat and Democrats are aligned with my philosophy of what government should be.”

Others, like Margaret Hayes, voted because of their opposition towards a specific political party.

“I’m scared about the other party,” Hayes said. “Scared stiff.”

Lenny Bracale voted for both parties but saw no positive outcomes from either of them.

“There needs to be more parties,” Bracale said. “[Democrats and Republicans] are both thieves. It’s going to crush America.”

Despite seeing only negatives, Bracale voted to get his voice heard.

“I can’t complain and not say anything without voting,” Bracale said, “so I feel like I need to vote but I’m hoping a third party candidate comes out.”

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