Haddington: Haddington Multi Services for Older Adults Brings Seniors Together

The Haddington Echoes sung for the residents of Haddington.


One member sang a solo for her fellow seniors.

Seniors in the Haddington section of Philadelphia recently attended the first annual Gospel Festival, hosted by the neighborhood’s Multi Services for Older Adults.

Sudell Black, president of the choir, organized the festival.

“I was chosen to do this event for Haddington because we needed a fundraiser. I had a vision we could do it,” Black said.

Black’s vision was correct. The event brought out seniors from all over Haddington to come together and enjoy music and fellowship.

Many seniors who attend the center also participated in the festival by

Seniors ate and enjoyed each others company.

passing out food, singing musical selections and by just simply volunteering their services to the center.

The event had speakers like Geneva Black, who founded the Haddington Multi Service for Older Adults over 40 years ago, and who had the street outside the center named after her the day before.

Volunteer Gloria Overly said she wants the center to continue to have events that bring everyone together in a positive way.

“Events like this warm my spirit because they bring people out in a positive way,” said Overly.

The event cost five dollars and the proceeds of the event went to Haddington Multi Services for Older Adults.

Haddington Echoes choir sung for seniors.

The center will likely make this an annual event for seniors due to the high turn out and participation they received.

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