Nicetown/Tioga: Club Den Provides After-School Program to Students

Charmaine Sudler Milligan reviewing paperwork regarding the upcoming classes.

With the help of the nonprofit To Our Children’s Future With Health Inc., Club Den has grown into a well known after-school center for families.

Located at 1422 W. Venango St., the center may appear to be just another house on the block, but since 1998 the after-school program has grown to offer a variety of classes that fit the needs of others in the neighborhood.

Charmaine Sudler Milligan reviewing paperwork regarding the upcoming classes.
Charmaine Sudler Milligan reviewed paperwork regarding the upcoming classes.

After a few years of gaining several different grants and licenses, the community-based site, which was created by a youth group at Simon-Gratz High School, was able to go forth with their goals to help others.

“We knew we needed something here in Nicetown-Tioga. We were trying to find a place where teenagers could go and feel safe but also be able to come and be themselves,” coordinator Charmaine Sudler Milligan said.

The year-round program offers HIV education classes, an intensive delinquency prevention program as well as classes that are focused on life skills, finance management, conflict resolutions and arts.

The organization has recently added tutoring focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

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