Wynnefield: Teacher Helps Students Learn to Dance

V. Renee Price teaching her beginner's ballet class.
V. Renee Price teaching her beginner's ballet class.
V. Renee Price, wearing a light pink shirt, teaching her beginner’s ballet class.

Quiet often envelopes walk into the John C. Anderson Cultural Center, located at 5301 Overbrook Ave., until a descent downstairs to the dance studio.  There music blares from a stereo as young girls of various ages stand around talking, before they use the ballet bars and mirrors on one wall.

The music and talking is stilled by a voice instructing the girls to get into a circle.  That voice belongs to V. Renee Price, the dance teacher who conducts classes at the Anderson Center.

“The classes are for beginners from the ages of three to 13,” Price said.  “I teach ballet, tap and African dance.”

Price said she started the dance classes as a way to refocus her energies.

“I have a daughter with special needs. She started to attend school and I wanted something where I could refocus my energy, but not a job, more like a hobby to relax me,” Price said.  “I started teaching at my daughter’s school, and the parents asked me to keep teaching.”

Price started dancing when she was just 4 and now she passes that love of dancing to her students at the Anderson Center.

During June of every year, the young dance students get rewarded for their hard work in Price’s classes.

Price holds a recital with her students, where their family and friends can come see just how far they’ve come in their dancing.

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