Germantown Avenue: Five Places to Know

Renewing and reinventing theater, jazz and the corner cafe, Germantown Avenue businesses continue to play a role in the development of both Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy. Though it’s known as a historic district, the Avenue embraces cultural trends. It has turned into an area that houses tattoo parlors amongst colonial architecture, showcasing how diverse one street can become. Here are five places to know in the area.

StageCrafters Theatre

Maintaining a strong art culture is a priority of Chestnut Hill, seen through the many art endeavors of the area. The community theater was established in 1929, but has kept a strong public presence by incorporating shows with current relevance. The Importance of Being Earnest, originally written by Oscar Wilde, is the next performance piece.


Paris Bistro

New to the area, the bistro hopes to bring the live, jazz music scene back and to the foreground. With a 1930’s belle epoch feeling, the restaurant could rejuvenate Chestnut Hill’s night scene. With more and more live music venues becoming scarce within the city, Germantown Avenue has the potential to be the new destination for entertainment.



Earth Bread & Brewery


Clean eating, food markets and food co-ops, are all part of a current, healthy restaurant trend. Earth Bread & Brewery is adding to that category through its sustainable dining experience. A casual dining restaurant, Earth Bread & Brewery is concentrated on respect for the environment and the comfort of guests. Located in the heart of Mount Airy, Earth Bread and Brewery also excites the community with table tennis tournaments and burlesque shows.


Kadillac Tattoo


A Pennsylvania law mandates that tattoo parlors are not allowed within 500 feet of any place of worship. Kadillac Tattoo is the exception. Owned and operated by tattoo artist Eric Perfect, Kadillac Tattoo was able to bend the law through an unexpected agreement with Mount Airy Presbyterian Church across the street.


Green Soul Cafe

With the same owners as Paris Bistro, the health-conscious cafe is also a relatively new installment to the shops and restaurants of Chestnut Hill. Homemade juice blends are a staple here, as well as using recycled materials. The cafe plans on also hosting jazz band nights and will prove to be a viable outdoor venue once weather turns appropriate.

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