Manayunk: Five Places to Get Handmade Furniture

Manayunk is a hot spot to live, and the perfect place to buy the coolest, unique, handmade furniture for when you move in. No matter where you live, look no further than Manayunk to find handcrafted furnishings from around the world or get something custom made right in town. Each of the five places listed below are as unique as the handmade furniture sold there.


Manayunk Timber (5100 Umbria Street)

Manayunk Timber offers customers the opportunity to transform their furniture vision into a reality starting with choosing the wood in-house. Customers can bring their idea to the owner, Steve Ebner, and choose from his wide variety of high-quality, old growth wood from 1860 to 1910 available in various aesthetic styles.

Each piece of reclaimed wood is unique, and Ebner believes it’s impossible to know what people want unless they see the wood themselves.

“If you know good wood, then you know good wood when you see it,” said Ebner.”That’s my job. Yours is to come with the idea.”


Pompanoosuc Mills (4120 Main Street)

The Pompanoosuc Mills showroom in Manayunk is one of 10 locations in the U.S., where customers can get furniture made to order from Vermont.

Clients can choose from six North American hard woods and a wide selection of finishes. Assistant manager Stanley Willauer believes the furniture at Pompy is an investment.

“The quality of the product, the fact that it’s an American-made product, and it’s stuff that’s made to last,” said Willauer. “It’s not something you’re going to have for five years. You’re going to have it for 20 to 25 years or longer.”   dekettjohnstonefall16artesano

Artesano Iron Works (4457 Main Street)

Artesano Iron Works recently moved to Main Street in Manayunk from Wayne, Pa. The company specializes in handcrafted iron pieces but also sells handmade wooden furniture.

Everything the company sells is made in Colombia, and clients are able to visit the showroom to choose from a selection of pieces or custom order their own.

According to Fabian Correa, an employee at Artesano, people are often intrigued by the storefront and will often stop in to learn more. Since Artesano works in conjunction with freighter companies, they can even ship out of state.


Made In Manayunk (5547 Ridge Avenue)

Made In Manayunk owner James Poulous began his woodworking career after he offered to build shelves at a pub where he worked. With encouragement from people in his life, he turned his woodworking hobby into a business about a year and a half ago.

Poulos does most of the work himself, but his girlfriend Sydney helps out when he needs it.

“When I’m overwhelmed, or take on too much work, she usually bails me out,” he noted.

Made in Manayunk has its own Etsy page and has had customers all over the U.S.


Nadeau – Furniture with a Soul (4131 Main Street)

Nadeau has been on Main Street in Manayunk since 2012, and offers a constantly evolving selection of unique, handcrafted furniture and accessories from all over the world.

According to store manager Jerica Ghigliotty, Nadeau’s selection of handmade furnishings “appeals to a lot of up and coming professionals, as well as long­time residents of all age groups.”

In addition to offering unique goods, Nadeau also encourages unusual shopping partners.

“We are dog friendly,” said Ghigliotty. “We love having dogs come into the store. Manayunk is a very dog friendly place, so bring your pooches.”

-Text and images by Veronica DeKett and Patrick Johnstone.

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