Bustleton: Danielle O’Driscoll Left Fashion for Floor Mats

Danielle O’Driscoll left her job in fashion a decade ago because she felt something was missing in her life. Already working part-time at the Northeast Racquet and Fitness Center (NERC), she decided to make fitness instruction her full-time job.

It was a career choice O’Driscoll said allowed her the flexibility to start a family and to feel more fulfilled. Nearly 10 years later, O’Driscoll is still leading fitness classes and is assistant director of Kids’ Club, a program of non-competitive fitness activities for children.

Why do you believe Kids’ Club is an important program for children?

It is a wonderful place for children of all ages to learn new things in an environment that is welcoming and nurturing. Families that join our facility benefit greatly as children engage in quality activities and make friends while parents have time to work on their own fitness goals and interact with other parents from the area.

Talk about your daily responsibilities.

I am present during activities to answer questions and address concerns, but I also do clerical jobs such as answering messages and emails, scheduling staff. For summer camp, I handle welcome packets and emails, weekly newsletters and other venues. And that’s just the half of it.

What do you enjoy most about it?

The best part of this for me is getting to know so many children and families. Many of our staff members are former Kids’ Club members, some of which I have known since they were toddlers. I love spending as much time interacting with children and parents as I do working behind the scenes to keep the program running smoothly.

How do you think these programs can improve?

Going forward, the programs must always continue to grow by updating current classes, adding new ones as demands dictate and technologically advancing. I will always strive to be sure the overall spirit and integrity of Kids’ Club remains consistent through fun activities, an excellent staff and continued efforts on my part to make it the best it can be!

What do you think is the most rewarding part of your role?

I love that NERC is a staple of the community, a safe and fun place I can work with other children as well as bring my own children for activities and socialization.

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