Podcast: A Space Designed to Help Residents Stress Less is Opening in the City

The Stress Less Space is an intentional space in Philadelphia for women to recharge and relax away from the chaos of their everyday life.

“As a stress management coach I’ve had the chance to speak to hundreds and hundreds of women about stress,” said Carlee Myers, Career & Stress management mentor who is launching the Stress Less Space at 16th and Walnut streets. “Did you know that most of the women I speak to these days are relieving stress by locking themselves in the bathroom at home.”

In her research she found most women want, above anything else, to manage their mental well-being is alone time.

“They just want some time to themselves to do some simple things such as take a nap, read a book, or just revel in this mythical thing called ‘quiet.'”

In the podcast, Myers talks openly about stress and anxiety in the workplace – how to manage it, prevent it and take bold action.

Carlee Myers is an expert at helping professionals who feel overworked, overwhelmed or on the verge of burnout to relieve stress and build careers that allow them to find time for what’s most important.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and studied art-making as a meditative practice, a practice she now uses to help clients reduce stress.

If you are an adult who is having a mental health or substance abuse emergency, you may go to any of Philadelphia’s Crisis Response
Centers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Temple/Episcopal Hospital: 100 E. Lehigh Ave., (215) 707-2577
Friends Hospital: 4641 Roosevelt Blvd., (215) 831-4600
Einstein at Germantown Community Center: 1 Penn Blvd., (215) 951-8300
Mercy Hospital: 501 S. 54th St., (215) 748-9525
Pennsylvania Hospital (Hall Mercer): 8th and Locust streets, (215) 829-5249

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Christopher Malo
Editor: PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods.com

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