Grays Ferry: Inside the Queen Memorial Library When Water Damage Forced the Building to Close

Queen Memorial Library has been closed since before Labor Day due to water damage causing structural issues throughout the ceilings while ruining rugs and various bookshelves.

Back in early September, Elizabeth Gardiner walked into Queen Memorial Library surprised to see water damage and leakage everywhere. The general manager decided it was best to close the free public library until the City repaired the damages. 

Gardiner said the library had just started to come out the other side of navigating the pandemic but was forced to shut down again due to the water damage.

Months later, the library finally re-opened, again.

But on one day back in October, when the library was still hoping repairs were nearing completion and it would be able to reopen soon, Philadelphia Neighborhoods got access to the space and was able to capture both the damage, and how the staff pivoted, once again, to serve the community. While closed, Queen Memorial operated as a bookstand library in the front parking lot where patrons had the option to call ahead to pick up or drop off books. 

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