Pennsylvania and Florida

Two purple states in a consequential midterm election with heightened tensions and meaningful implications. While residents from each state see localized news coverage of their own elections, student reporters from two universities are sharing coverage of and reactions to the elections to better understand how democracy works.

Crowdsourcing U.S. Elections is a Temple project created by Susan Jacobson and Karen Turner in 2004. Since that time student reporters have utilized online platforms for on-the-ground election coverage of and reactions to general and midterm elections. When Susan moved to Florida International University, it continued to be a collaborative effort covering elections in Florida and Pennsylvania. Now in 2022, as citizens take to the polls, our reporters will offer a wider lens to take a deeper look into Election Day in these two critical battleground states.

Student reporters from both universities will share local coverage to compare experience and sentiments in two critical states through and immediately after Election Day. In order to capture on the ground reporting done via social media platforms, student reporters will use #ElectionDayU across all social media platforms .

Election Reporting and Coverage

Crowdsourcing U.S. Elections

Temple University

Florida International University

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