Fishtown: Making Harmony

Three musicians are standing outside of a recording studio, talking among one other. Guitars and musical equipment are piled nearby. The conversation resembles a chemistry worthy of band members or life-long friends. But one of […]

Arts and Entertainment

Fishtown: Vegan Anyone?

Fishtown’s old souls brew Folgers and dip their sugary doughnuts in a coffee cup full of whole milk and granulated white sugar. Other Fishtowners take a more dietary-conscious approach.  They see this morning ritual as […]


Fishtown: Going Green in Housing

Improved recycling, hybrid cars and other ways of going green have become increasingly popular in recent years. “It’s a pattern, not a trend,” says Jim Maransky, owner and developer of The IceHouse Condominiums, located in […]


Fishtown: Taking a Gamble

The frantic lights of the slots machine reflecting off the mirrored walls, the metronome-like rhythm of the roulette wheel carrying both a small steel ball and the hopes of many, the roar from a craps […]


Is Gambling Addictive?

Bill Kearney is a self-described “former compulsive casino gambling degenerate.” And even though he stops short of the word addict, many who are seduced by lure of fast money and big winnings find themselves in […]


Fishtown and its Parks

Catherine Whalen’s day begins like many young, single mothers. Her alarm clock pierces the calm of the Fishtown morning at 6 a.m., leaving her just enough time to get her two children out of bed, […]