Germantown: Joseph E. Coleman Library Hosts Math Tutoring for Individuals

Reverend Chester H. Williams helped student solve math problems.
Reverend Williams helped a student during the tutoring class.

Every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. a math tutoring course is held at the Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Library, located at 68 West Chelten Ave. in Germantown. Reverend Chester H. Williams was the compassionate individual who began hosting this mathematics course.

What makes this tutoring course so special is that anyone is welcome to join the session for no cost at all. Teachers are all state and federal-certified and want to take time to help people enhance their math skills. The class takes place in a spacious room where fruit, snacks and refreshments are provided to keep their minds nourished.

Susan Guggenheim wrote math equations on the board for students to solve.

The tutor teaches the group basic math, from addition and subtraction to multiplication, division and solving word problems. If an individual is having issues with homework, they are welcome to bring the problems in to acquire help.

Nanget Griffin, a 15-year-old home-schooled Germantown resident, has been attending the course for a month. “The tutoring course has helped me progress as far as getting a better understanding of basic math because in high school it’s kind of hard if you don’t know basic math in order to progress onto the harder levels,” Griffin said.

Reverend Williams and Susan Guggenheim assisted students with math equations.

Phillip Sanders, a 51-year-old Germantown resident, has been attending for five months and spoke about how the course has helped him. “It helped me in a few different ways with my financial issues, my kids and bills. I think it’s a benefit to have if you’re in a situation of taking tests, or helping you or your children with math or with business,” Sanders said.

Priscilla Davis, a 53-year-old Germantown resident is going on her second month of attending the course. “What is unique about it is that even though it’s on a Saturday and it’s only one day a week it’s still helping me renew my math and my mind. They teach you easy ways to do the math and work it out on the board,” Davis said.

Reverend Chester H. Williams has been hosting this course for two years. Reverend Williams and the dedicated tutors have made a positive impact on the community and in many people’s lives.

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