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Olney: Little Portugal

Some residents call the Olney section of Philadelphia “one big melting pot.” The Portuguese may make up a smaller part of the culture in Olney—only 2 percent of the European population in Philadelphia—but this little […]


Fishtown: Taking a Gamble

The frantic lights of the slots machine reflecting off the mirrored walls, the metronome-like rhythm of the roulette wheel carrying both a small steel ball and the hopes of many, the roar from a craps […]


Olney and Logan: Housing Problems

It’s cleaning day in the Wilson-Heard home on Wagner Avenue. The father is using the vacuum upstairs, as 7-year-old Bryant runs down the stairs of the well-kept row home. “Mommy, can I pour my own […]


Kensington: For Better or For Worse?

Starting on May 1, the northern Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington will begin its first ever restaurant week. An event usually reserved for  more affluent neighborhoods,  such an event being held in Kensington and its surrounding neighborhoods […]


Is Gambling Addictive?

Bill Kearney is a self-described “former compulsive casino gambling degenerate.” And even though he stops short of the word addict, many who are seduced by lure of fast money and big winnings find themselves in […]