Suburban Station: Riding the Rails in Time of Need

Beneath the surface of Suburban Station lies an organized chaos. Police officers and SEPTA personnel corral Regional Rail passengers into lines that wind through the station. It’s difficult to tell where one line ends and the next begins. The overhead time displays are unreadable through the massive crowds of people. There are people standing in line, bewildered. There is confusion everywhere with no end in sight.

When SEPTA announced the strike, it seemed commuters had a glimmer of hope shining from the Regional Rail stations. Since Regional Rail trains are not affected by the strike, daily commuters fled to their only chance at public transportation. According to SEPTA’s Web site, “Train service will be the best choice for travel in and out of Philadelphia.” To keep the trains running smoothly, SEPTA has taken special measures to account for peak hour times. Riders are encouraged to purchase their ticket before boarding and must line up for their appropriate train. Delays of up to an hour are possible. To read SEPTA’s Service Interruption Guide, view here.

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