Germantown: Fabric Store Continues to Serve Community

Located on the corner of Germantown Avenue and Coulter Street, Gaffney Fabrics has been providing its customers with a wide variety of high quality fabric styles and materials for the past 35 years. Owned by Joe Gaffney, the store has its roots as being one of the pioneer fabric stores in the Philadelphia area since 1925, when James Jones took over the property. Jones remodeled the site, which was formally a movie theater, into a fabrics shop before handing the business over to Gaffney.

As one cog in a tight scheme of six employees, manager JoAnn Davis works hard to provide a service for those who don’t want to go down into the city and pay higher prices for fabric. Overseeing all of the other employees as well as the customers can be tiresome, but Davis truly loves what she does.

“I used to work in a factory, so when the factories started to leave the city, I needed a job,” says Davis. “I loved being in the fashion industry, so I started working here and have been thrilled ever since.”

When asked about her tenure with the business, Davis simply responded, “I love this neighborhood and I love what I do, so I just stopped keeping track!”

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