Chestnut Hill: Weaver’s Way Co-op Celebrates Members

A shopper browses the aisles of the co-op at the Chestnut Hill location.

Weaver’s Way co-op in Chestnut Hill recently celebrated its members this past week. All current members received additional discounts at the register in appreciation of the continuing support for the local sustainable produce and food distributor.

The meat sold at the co-op is humanely raised.

The co-op’s origin stems from a 1970s buy-in club that was located in the basement of Mt. Airy’s Summit Church, according to grocer Ben Weiss, 22, of East Mt. Airy. It was a grocery store for the shopper who wanted to support local produce and business. Over the past 37 years the co-op has expanded to two more locations in the Northwest region of the city. All members of the co-op are owners as well and are able to obtain positions on the board.  Over time the store has evolved from requiring members to work six hours a year to now being open to the public.

Recently, Weaver’s Way purchased a farm in the Mt. Airy area on Washington Lane and Chew Street. Although the farm is unable to grow enough produce to supply the high demand from the co-ops, it often hosts field trips for schools in the area.  It is just one more way Weaver’s Way continues to be involved in the community.

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