Bella Vista: Local Artist’s Gallery Features Local Artwork

This is the gallery entrance. It's bright color scheme is exciting and welcoming.
This is the gallery entrance. It's bright color scheme is exciting and welcoming.

Although some outsiders hate to admit it, Philadelphia has both a prominent and flourishing art scene. We are no New York when it comes to this stuff, but there is definitely a significant amount of talent in the area in regards to all facets of art. What sets Philadelphia apart from other art communities perhaps, is the closeness that is felt within the art world here. There is an overwhelming sense of local pride that comes along with a lot of the artwork created and from artists that live and work in the area.

B Sqaure Gallery ownerHeather Bryson stands at the counter ready to welcome her guests.

B Square Gallery, located at 614 S. Eighth St., is a prime example of this. Owned by Heather Bryson, this Philadelphia gallery opened its doors in 2000 to offer a space for Philadelphia artists and art enthusiasts to showcase and enjoy local art. An artist herself, Bryson’s work is also shown around the gallery space. Individuals can expect to see a small but wonderful array of local art as well as Bryson’s hand crafted jewelry and other pieces in cases and shelves around the room.

Here some local artwork hangs on one wall for all to admire.

The gallery is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and otherwise by appointment only. One can expect to experience a feeling of enthusiasm at gallery that they may not feel translated from other galleries around the area. There is a real love for art and the city itself at B Square, so much so, that it is almost palpable.

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