Fashion: Five Fashion Styles You’ll Find in the City

Jasmine Wilson poses in a green fur coat.

Philadelphia is full of people with different fashion styles and inspirations. Walking through the city you can find styles that represent the Thrifty Fashionista, the Not-So-Basic Dresser, the Statement Maker, the Grungy Rocker and the Day to Night Transitioner.

The Thrifty Fashionista – Jasmine Wilson (above)

Wilson dresses to stand out in a crowd, but she’s able to do it on a budget.

“It’s no point in buying anything expensive so I only shop on the sale rack,” said Wilson.

From working in fashion as a stylist, she knows that companies pay very little for their clothing, but they hike up the price for the margin. Lately, Wilson has been inspired to dress for comfort and warmth, finding clothing pieces from thrift stores. She does not put much thought into putting together her outfits.

“It’s usually scrambling and finding the first couple things,” said Wilson. “It really just comes naturally.”

Que in army green pants poses against a wall of shoes.

The Not-So-Basic Dresser – Que Williams

Williams picks out basic pieces from H&M and Forever 21 but he’s far from average. He wears basic shirts or pants and then throws on a hat or camouflage pants to make the outfit more exciting. Even the way he puts together his outfits is unique in that he dreams about what he should wear.

“I dream about it at night before I go to bed,” he said. “When I get up in the morning, I know exactly what I want to wear.”

Williams draws his inspiration from subculture and pop culture and never misses a chance to buy a pair of skinny jeans from H&M.

Kalyn in an oversized jean jacket and bulky sweater.

The Day-to-Night Transitioner – Kalyn Holden

Holden’s fashion sense is, in her eyes, the ideal image of the classy, well put together young lady. Most of her inspiration come from Michelle Obama but she also tries to incorporate earthy pieces any chance she gets. Holden gets most of her fashion items from stores like Zara and thrift stores but the one thing she always wears is a nice pump.

“I’m 5-feet-tall so whenever I go out, I wear a heel,” said Holden. “It’s a statement piece.”

Aysha Silagy in floral leggings and a bright orange hat poses on the street.

The Grungy Rocker – Aysha Silagy

“I normally just pick out a lot of black stuff and throw it together,” said Silagy. “Anything with spikes or leather is cool.”

Silagy is a rock ‘n’ roll lover who looks up to actress/musician Taylor Momsen. She mainly shops at boutiques in New York City and the store Crash Bang Boom looking for pieces that embody the Seattle grunge scene.

Shelby in a bright floral shirt in Urban Outfitters.

The Statement Maker – Shelby Ricci

Versatile, edgy and fun are the words that Ricci used to describe her fashion style. Although Ricci works at Urban Outfitters she gets a lot of her edgy style inspiration from Kylie Jenner. Before she gets dressed, she looks for a statement piece and builds her look around it.

“I just got this trapeze, big, black T-shirt and I love it,” said Ricci. “It’s simple and I can wear it with everything.”

– Text and images by Alexis Byrd and Rasmiyyah Hargust.

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