Ludlow: Not Just Antlers Inside This Lodge

A customer searches through the large array of merchandise inside Lodge.
A customer searches through the large array of merchandise inside Lodge.

You won’t just find hunting gear inside this Lodge. The new store located on Second and Girard brings a unique mix of modern and vintage fare to the area.

The store resembles an old wooden lodge with oak panels and animal heads mounted on the walls. What’s inside the store proves it is anything but your typical hunting lodge.

From clothing and house wares to accessories and furniture the store holds everything you might expect from a place called the Lodge.

The store opened its doors in January. Owner Andrew Papoutsis began working on this project in September after working at a shop with Fresh Melt Water, a local clothing brand.

Papoutsis said, “Lodge started as a project to fill a void in the neighborhood.”

He added, “Lodge brings a fresh personality to [an] up-and-coming neighborhood that can cater to all surrounding residents and business owners.”

Owner Andrew Papoutsis has been a part of creating this project since the beginning.

The store has an interesting array of new and vintage clothing for both men and women.

Papoutsis handpicks each piece for the style of the current season. And most importantly, everything that is seen in the store is for sale.

“We strive to provide a timeless product line with quality and tradition” said Papoutsis.

The store is creating their own traditions by hosting events each month and bringing new people to the area. Their next event is an art opening on Friday.

Lodge is a meeting place for people of all different styles and interests proving to be true to its name.

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