Powelton Village: Green Line Cafe Stands for More Than Just Coffee

Alon Abramson, 27, has worked at the Green Line Cafe for nearly two weeks.
Alon Abramson, 27, has worked at the Green Line Cafe for two weeks.

At the corner of 36th Street and Lancaster Avenue, the Green Line Café in Powelton Village is more than just an average coffee shop.  The quiet, quaint space doubles as an art gallery, where the masterpieces of the café’s employees and local artists are displayed. It’s also a popular spot where locals go to work, study and socialize.

Alon Abramson, 27, started working at the café two weeks ago. He manages a group he started called West Philly Runners and said that working at the café gives him a chance to meet people who might be interested in the group.

“It’s a good way to network,” he said.

The cafe walls are lined with artwork by employees and locals.


Like Abramson, the artists whose work is displayed on the walls find that the café is a great resource. It’s a way to expose their work and possibly even sell it. The two other Green Line Café locations on Locust Street and Baltimore Avenue also display art in addition to hosting poetry readings, musical performances and other events.  The art is frequently rotated between the three locations.

Though the Powelton Village café is too small to act as an event venue, Abromson said that the owners have a vision for the future.

“There’s not much room for events, but they want it to really be a community space,” he said.

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