Mayfair: Boyle Looks to Keep Community Center Running]

As the freshman state House member addressed a campaign stand he made in the fall, Rep. Kevin Boyle said he will do his best to keep Mayfair’s community institutions alive.

“Mayfair is the heart of Northeast Philly,” Boyle said. “We can’t have a strong Northeast Philly without having a strong Mayfair.”

The 172nd District’s representative said he is negotiating with area banks, universities and private groups to keep these buildings running. He said he wants to start new local events with the community center so people will see Mayfair as a great place to raise a family.

The John M. Perzel Community Center was built with state funding when former Rep. John Perzel was the House speaker. But Boyle said the community center saw their budgets diminish after Perzel lost the speaker seat to Rep. Dennis O’Brien in 2007.

Perzel’s influence continued to fall after the attorney general’s office charged him for corruption charges.

But Boyle said Perzel’s ties to these buildings will not affect any desicion he makes concerning them.

“Those groups are completly innocent of what John Perzel was indicted for,” Boyle said.

Residents can bring their ideas to Boyle’s office at 7518 Frankford Ave. Boyle said he opened the office last month to help contituents apply for government services, such as college financial aid forms, unemployment compensation and property tax rebates.

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