Germantown: 8th District Candidate Greg Paulmier

Eighth District candidate Greg Paulmier stands outside of a vacant home near his campaign office on Coulter Street in Germantown.

If there was ever a community politician, Greg Paulmier would be it. Block by block, the Germantown native is recognized by residents with friendly hellos and support for his upcoming race. Paulmier is running for the 8th District Council seat that will be vacated by Donna Reed Miller. Miller, the current councilwoman for the 8th District, has served in that position since 1996.

Paulmier has run for this seat unsuccessfully three times in the past, but he doesn’t see that as a letdown. “I think losing three times has made me a better candidate this year, because if I had won the first time, I wouldn’t be as sensitive to the needs of the people in our community,” Paulmier said. The candidate said that his commitment to serve and to “never give up” is what distinguishes him from other candidates who have not faced the obstacles he has.

Jobs and crime are the two key platforms for his campaign. Paulmier said he believes that people need to have a sense of self worth. If people are employed, they would be less driven to commit crimes or immoral acts.  “It’s a foundation for children as well,” Paulmier said. “If children are looking at men and women going to work every day, it’s an educational lesson for them outside of the classroom.”

8th District candidate, Greg Paulmier walks down the street near his campaign office on Coulter Street passed numerous abandonded buildings he has renovated over years past.

Paulmier said that creating jobs can be a process that both betters the community and the people who reside within it. He uses the abandoned housing in and around Germantown as an example. By employing residents within the district to fix up those houses, they are benefited financially while the community removes urban blight in the process.

Longtime Germantown resident and self-employed contractor Dock Brown said he believes Paulmier can build the district back up, one home at a time. “I believe he’d be a good man for the job,” Brown said. “He’s a little frugal, but in today’s economy I think it pays to be frugal.” Given the chance to refute that statement, Paulmier expanded on Brown’s assessment. “It’s all in how you spend your money,” Paulmier said. “I’d rather pay money to put a guy to work to repaint a door, for example, than to buy a brand new door.” Brown has worked previously with Paulmier on long-term renovation projects that have rehabilitated significant portions of Germantown.

Eighth District Candidate Greg Paulmier speaks with a contractor and colleague, Dock Brown, on Coulter Street near his campaign office.


  1. This is an excellent article and highlights what an excellent candidate the citizens have in Gregory Paulmier. A community activist who cares about the community has been a part of the community and is rebuilding the community, is the perfect candidate for the job. Greg’s dedication and tenacious approach are critical qualities for the position. Greg is also a warm, supportive and highly ethical person. You cannot do any better! John

  2. Went to school with this man and he was a solid thoughtful friend to all. A lad who loved his community. Really hope he wins. Really hope everyone votes for him.

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