Hunting Park: The Worth of a Dollar

These are the employees who run this Christian thrift store.

These are the employees who run this Christian thrift store.

Torres Dollar Plus, located on West Courtland Street, is in the middle of transforming its busy walls into something a little more divine. Going from a local thrift store to a community worship center, this place has a goal that is greater than selling cheap items at discount.

“We want to offer this to the community and spread the word of God,” said lead volunteer Jose Torres.

The volunteers there hope to create a church on one side of the building, while keeping the other side as a thrift store. By doing this, everything church-related would be free. The church will run completely on volunteers, vendors and donations, encouraging more of the local community to participate.

The church will also include a mentoring center for the community’s youth. It will include computers and large screen televisions. Children will be taught about not only religious values, but also about everyday issues and challenges.

“Kids need mentors,” said Torres.

Unity Church of Christ and Faith and Works is the expected name of the establishment. Torres said he hopes to have the new converted church done sometime this March.

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