Fairhill: A Struggle to Survive

Supporting a family in this day and age is harder than ever with the high cost of living. Jeffery Rosa lives on Germantown Avenue and Sixth Street in Fairhill and he supports his daughter. He really has been noticing the change in prices from food to gas, and has to be much more frugal. “I used to be on a budget, but now the budget isn’t even possible. I have to pray I get tips at work,” Rosa said.

Jefferey Rosa works harder to support his family.

Rosa is especially upset with the rise in gas prices. He said that all of his neighbors and family have found themselves in a bind because of the high cost of living. With the price of gas so high, he said he finds himself thinking twice about driving certain places. He knows that the price will continue to rise, so cutbacks are necessary in any way possible.

He said that places like Cousins Grocery and other businesses in the area make it easier with the frozen prices of staple items such as milk, eggs, certain produce and meat.

On Sixth and Lehigh, the Dunkin Donuts has never been busier. Because of the free iced coffee, participating locations are giving away each Monday until the end of April, the shop sees a boom in business. Sara Alverez said that she always jumps on anything that is free. She added that she walks more than ever before because she really can’t afford to put gas in her tank that often. She also said she has turned to public transportation which she always despised.

As the price of gas increases many residents of Fairhill as well a surrounding communities find ways to save and hope things get easier.

Rising gas prices are taking a toll on many residents.


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