Cedar Park: Spring Street Cleaning Begins

Two afternoon bikers relax in Malcolm X Park.
Two afternoon bikers relax in Malcolm X Park.

Cedar Park residents rolls up their sleeves on Saturday to begin one of many projects being undertaken for the Philly Spring Cleanup. Undertaken in conjunction with West Philadelphia Cooperative School and the University City District, volunteers will set to work, not only to clean their neighborhood in the spirit of spring but also to get to know their fellow residents.

“I really haven’t met most of my neighbors,” admitted Carolyn Stewart, a Cedar Park resident who has lived in the community for a year. “I think it will be a good way for me to get in some community service but make some local friends.”

Offering tools, snacks and free coffee, Cedar Park Neighbors hopes to use the event, which begins at 10 a.m., to clean some of the more neglected public spaces located in the region, beautifying the community and creating a sense of civic pride.

Cleanup is one of numerous public projects being undertaken across the city for this year’s Philly Spring Cleanup, though some hope this program will earn Cedar Park attention as a clean and safe community.

“Clean the parks or streets, makes the neighborhood look nice,” said Darrell Winson, a frequent visitor to the park with his children. “If the neighborhood looks nice, no hoodlum would think of using it to front drugs or commit a crime.”

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