Ridge Avenue: From Temple University Student to Campaign Manager

Verna Tyner featured on a poster to promote her campaign and the election on May 17.
Verna Tyner featured on a poster to promote her campaign and the election on May 17.

Behind every good election campaign are dedicated workers and volunteers to help get the winning edge. While most are experienced politicians, others are young, motivated workers ready to take on the everyday duties of a successful campaign.

Laura Frank, a former Temple University student, was called upon to be the campaign manager of the Verna Tyner for City Council 8th District campaign. Frank has been working hard to make her name known in local politics.

The manager of the campaign, Laura Frank, sits at her desk in the office and discusses the campaign goals for the next couple of weeks.


“It is a huge challenge, but it is the most interesting thing that I have ever done,” Frank said. 

One of the biggest obstacles for Frank  will be attracting young voters to this year’s May 17 primary election. Through social networking tactics used in the Obama campaign in 2008, the Tyner campaign will try to make the obstacle easier to overcome. 

“The turnout for the Obama election was huge and then went down in 2010,” Frank explained, “We are using a lot of social networks and we are really trying to rely on Facebook and Twitter.”

Historically, citizens of Philadelphia fail to vote in large numbers during City Council elections but Frank thinks that will change through hard work and dedication.

The campaign office, located in Germantown, filled with employees and volunteers helping Tyner with her campaign.

“It is a City Council campaign and people don’t tend to come out,” Fran said, “We are trying to stress how this decision matters in the fact that the incumbent is stepping down and that it is a wide open field this year.”

For more information on the Verna Tyner campaign visit www.tynerforcouncil.com



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