Fairhill: Watts’ Fitness Studio Keeping Residents Fit

Peter Watts an owner of Peter Watts Fitness Studio
Peter Watts is the owner of Peter Watts Fitness Studio

Peter Watts’ Fitness Studio is one of the few fitness centers located in Fairhill. This well-equipped facility, located at 2712 N. Fifth Street near Lehigh Avenue, was opened in November 2003 by Watts, a fitness consultant.

Before opening this studio, Watts had been teaching classes around the Fairhill area. While teaching he discovered what people needed most in order to lose weight was nutritional education and fitness. With the help of a friend, Watts opened a fitness studio in Fairhill in what used to be a parking garage and a warehouse were the beams are still exposed.

“We teach nutrition. We do body evaluations. We also take the Body Mass Index of each customer. We advise our clients on what they should do to accomplish their weight loss goals. We have also been teaching them discipline when it comes to their nutrition,” Watts said.

East wing of Peter Watts Fitness Studio

People of different ages are encouraged to join the fitness classes. This includes stay-at- home moms, older citizens and young people. In the evening, the Watts’ Studio is always crowded with young people and families that come together for numerous fitness classes.

“After I retired, I decided to join the gym. I love being here and I usually bring my family to exercise. This place makes me feel good,” said Ines Lebron, a longtime Fairhill resident.

Watts’ studio offers many classes like zumba, cardio kick boxing, body toning, aerobics and  belly dancing.

These classes focus on cardio, muscles and lowering body fat.

Ines Lebron is a member of Watts Fitness Studio.

Watts’ studio has also being donating gym memberships to area residents plus offering fitness consultation as well as nutrition advice in the community. Since it started eight years ago the Watts’ studio has been recognized through various awards for its contributions to the Fairhill community. For more information about this studio visit https://www.wattsfitnessstudio.net/index2.html


  1. I’m interested in sign up for Zuma classes I’m available early in the am 8am I also have hp they said u guys take that plan can someone contact me about registration thank you

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