Fairhill: Impacto Latin Newspaper Serves the Community

Napoleon Garcia Impacto Latin Newspaper Publisher at his office


Napoleon Garcia, the publisher of Impacto Latin Newspaper, sits in his office.

The building sitting on the corner of North Third and West Oxford streets looks like it houses residential apartments, but actually it is the home of Impacto Latin Newspaper. Impacto started as a small newsletter eight years ago. Today, Impacto is now the fastest-growing Hispanic newspaper in Philadelphia region.

The goal for Impacto is to serve the Hispanic community through information, said the newspaper’s publisher, Napoleon Garcia, an immigrant from Columbia in South America.

Like so many immigrants, Garcia came to the United States searching for opportunities. He immigrated 10 years ago after he graduated from the University of Colombia at Bogota. Garcia spent his first two years here working for a Hispanic newspaper in Washington, D.C. He then moved to Philadelphia.

Gina Echeverry an artist at Impacto poses near some of her art work.

The idea for Impacto came to Garcia while working for that newspaper in Washington building upon his existing passion to serve the Hispanic community. “When I was working with the newspaper I discovered that there was a niche since the Hispanic population is growing rapidly and people needed a media which covered what is happening in their community,” Garcia said.

One community-based thing Garcia’s done through Impacto is organizing the “Most Influential Latinos.” This annual event honors Latinos who are making an impact in the Hispanic communities around the Delaware Valley.

Artist Gina Echeverry described Garcia as an influential person who encourages other people to serve the  community.

Garcia has received numerous awards for his contributions to the community through Impacto. These awards include the Tobacco Control Award given by Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations in Philadelphia and a Saint Joseph University award for making an impact in the community.

The website of Impacto

For more information about Impacto Latin Newspaper go to: https://impactolatin.com/



  1. I love these articles, however, as a point of clarification, Gina Echeverry is Napoleon Garcia’s wife, so not exactly biased. Would have been good journalism to have noted that.

  2. I would like to comment that Impacto Latin News in New York was founded in 1967 by Carlos Gilberto Carrillo and is one of the oldest Spanish language newspapers in the United States. This man has taken its name and changed “News” to “Newspaper” in a attempt to use the brand’s credibility and use the long standing brand name of the original newspaper. The original Impacto Latin News now goes by the name Impacto Latino and is still publishing now for 54 years continuously. This other man’s newspaper is violating a US Trademark. http://www.ImpactoLatino.com

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