Mount Airy: Candidates Listen as Voters Voice Opinions

Moderators from the Penn Project for Civic Engagement led the discussions.
Moderators from the Penn Project for Civic Engagement led the discussions.

Voters from the Northwest Philadelphia community were able to voice their concerns and opinions for the 8th District candidates.

The voter’s forum called “Eyes on the Eighth” held its third and last forum at the Commodore Barry Club in Mount Airy.

Located at 6815 Emlen St., the club opened at 6 p.m. for the community to come in prepared to engage in various discussions.

Candidates were able to attend, however they were not allowed to participate in the forum. Instead, they were urged to listen to what the voters had to say.

“It’s great to hear how well-educated the constituents are. Walking around and listening to how they feel about the campaign and issues is very important. They are committed citizens doing their civic duty to get their voices heard,” Robin Tasco said.

Tasco is one of the seven candidates running for the 8th District open seat. Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller currently represents the 8th  District, but she is not seeking reelection.

The major issues raised were business revitalization within the community and an emphasis on the quality of education.

Attendees were able to vote on the issues they felt were most important to address to the 8th District candidates.

Gerald Wright of Germantown said there needs to be better educational opportunities. He sends his two children to schools outside of the Northwest neighborhood.

“I think kids should be able to go to their neighborhood high school and elementary school. Especially when kids get to high school, that’s when they start to drop out. They don’t feel connected and there isn’t the necessary support they need,” he said.

Eighth District voters also split up into groups where they created questions for the big debate that will feature the seven candidates on April 27, hosted by NewsWorks and WHYY.

The debate will be streaming live via Internet on







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