Walnut Hill: Community Playground Gets Creative

The Friends of the Playground talk about ways to put the playground to good use.

While the Walnut Hill Community Playground has had its rough patches, with two shootings last spring and numerous arrests, it has been taking a turn for the better with the help of the Friends of the Playground.

Children of the community enjoy their newly rebuilt utopia.

From its rebuilding and cleanup with the help of the Home Depot Foundation and Kaboom to the events it holds for the community children, the playground leaves much room for creativity.

“The design of the playground was actually built by the community itself,” said Imanni Wilkes, Friend of the Playground and Managing Director of the Walnut Hill Community Association. “The kids drew what they would want in their playground and with the help of Home Depot and Kaboom, we were able to bring their drawings to life.”

The playground, now an array of vibrant colors, is also the site of many events held for the children of the community.

“Our most recent event was the tree lighting for Christmas,” said Melvina Cohen, a resident of Walnut Hill who plays a big role in setting up the events. “We want to make sure the children are safe and having a good time.”

The Friends of the Playground talk about ways to put the playground to good use.

Wilkes said she believes the events are an integral part of the effort to make the playground safer for the kids. “We wanted to put together a group of residents who would make sure that the playground was taken care of and that it was clean, inviting, and a safe place to be enjoyed by neighborhood residents,” she said. She said she believes that the more it is used for positive events, the better it is for the community.

The group continues to think of more ways to make the playground an even greater asset to their community. Next up is an Easter Egg Hunt.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun. Everyone is welcome,” said a visibly excited Cohen.


For more information on upcoming playground events visit https://walnuthillca.com/

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