Fairhill: College Access Center Director Encourages Students

Candace Powell Kinard posing at the College Access Center library
Candace Powell Kinard works at the College Access Center library

Candace Powell Kinard is motivated person who always makes sure each student’s needs are met. She has  passion to work with underrepresented and low-income high school students in Fairhill to make sure they are utilizing the resources provided by College Access Center to get to college.

“I always tell students that they should take advantage of College Access Center. They should know that we are here for them and yes, they can go to college,” Kinard said.

Here is a map to find the College Access Center in Fairhill.

Over the years, Kinard has been useful in providing high school graduates students from Fairhill with personalized college advising as well as helping them fill the college applications and also by offering  the college prep workshops. Kinard also follows these students who enrolled through College Access Center in their college careers and helps them every step of the way.

She has worked with the College Access Center for several years now. Kinard has 20 years of experience in post-secondary preparation.  Kinard’s top responsibilities include  program coordination, college access initiatives, counseling and conducting workshops to high school students.

Kinard graduated from Arcadia College, with a bachelor of business administration. She is an active member of the National and International Association for College Admissions Counseling where she has served as a delegate for three years. She has also worked with the Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable, a networking organization for college preparatory professionals and also in the Villanova’s Undergraduate Advisory Board.


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