Fairhill: Local Businessman Prepares To Close Store

Jose Vega started his thrift store business in Fairhill because he thought that it would be beneficial to the people of the community, but because of a lack of support Vega’s Used Furniture is being forced to close its doors.

Manuel Vega stood outside the store on a slow Saturday morning.

“Nobody comes to buy. It’s just too slow,” said Vega.

In less than a month, the thrift store located in neighborhood’s “Golden Block” will no longer be serving the community. Vega’s store features items such as clothes, electronics, furniture and appliances as he understands the need for items like these at a low cost for residents.

“If he sees that a person is honest and needs it, then he doesn’t mind giving it to them,” said Manuel Vega, Jose’s nephew.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Vega came to the United States three years ago looking for opportunities. After a short time in New York, he moved to Philadelphia and became a businessman but found it hard to weather the tough economy.

Jose sat at his front desk at the store and waited for business.

“A lot of people say that all this is Obama’s fault, but I think a lot of these problems came from before,” Jose said. “This city needs to have a hard fix.”

Orlando Gonzalez, who works at AA Fan Inducer, the store next door to Jose’s said he believes that the businesses in the neighborhood would be more successful if residents rallied around them.

“There’s good people here and good businesses,” said Gonzalez. “But we need more unity and coming together.”

Once Vega closes his store he plans on going back to his old job as a truck driver.

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