Kensington: East Coast Construction Crashes ‘House Crashers’

A Booktree custom shelving unit that appears in an episode of HGTV's "House Crashers."

East Coast Construction is not a typical collection of construction workers. In its building, located at 2011 Howard St. in Kensington, this group creates woodwork, metal work, blown glass and even surfboards.

East Coast Construction owner Ryan Young has been woodworking for 16 years.

The East Coast team just filmed an episode with HGTV’s “House Crashers” in Oakland, N.J., where the group rehabbed a lucky couple’s basement.

“We built floor-to-ceiling shelving, a live-edge tree cut bar, a terrarium, cork floors and our custom shelving unit called a Booktree,” said East Coast owner Ryan Young.

The Booktree custom shelving units sell for around $700 and the East Coast plans to launch the Booktree website,, in a few weeks.

East Coast Construction will film another episode with “House Crashers,” where the group will be building a Phillies “man-room” with former baseball star Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams.

Even though the HGTV exposure is great the East Coast crew gets paid very little for filming the episodes. But Young said he sees other dividends.

“We do it for advertising because the episodes will show us wearing our East Coast Construction T-shirts and show the logo on our trucks as we pull up to a location,” Young said. “It might pay off eventually, but most importantly it is a hell of an experience.”


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  1. Hi there East Coast,

    Need another house crash. Recently bought a house in North East, MD. built in 1987 and the kitchen has never been updated. Where do I begin. The kitchen cabinets are builder grade oak with “handles in middle of cabinet”. Even the bathroom cabinets are the same. The counters are just as old. The floor has been redone since I had a flood after the dishwasher was replaced.

    Help, please. Would love to have an up-to-date kitchen with stainless steel and lighting and lots and lots of storage.

    Love HGTV and the “crasher” shows.



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