Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Three Lifers from Prison Start New Lives After Sentences Commuted]

As one of his last acts as governor, the former prosecutor Ed Rendell commuted the life sentences of three men–one more than he had commuted during his entire eight years as governor. In their first interviews, the men talk about their lives in prison and outside.


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  1. comment on article by Linn Washington,Jr.

    Hi Linn,
    My name is Lou Cusat, and I moved to Germantown in the summer of’41 from Front & Masher Streets. I went to St. Francis of Assissi School at Greene and Logan. My parents boght a home on 21 W. Rockland St. I got a big kick out of reading the Sun. Inquirer that Rockland St. was listed as Rockland Ave. I’m familiar with the picture that the houses are on the southside of Rockland Street.

    Lou Cusat

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