Logan: Express Graphics Offers Home Appliances, Clothing and Masterpieces

Artist Terra Rogers poses next to her stained glass painting, surrounded by many of her other works.
The owners of the Express Graphics, Fred Hucks and Terra Rogers, welcome new customers.

Walking into Express Graphics, a newcomer could expect to discover new favorite home goods store. On the right side of the store, shelves are full of half-priced coffee makers and appliances while the left side occupies a wide array of originally designed graphics for T-shirts, business cards and family reunion memorabilia.

Fred Hucks, owner of the shop, promptly greets his customers at the door inviting them to take a look at what his “all around business” has to offer. Having just opened a week and a half ago, Hucks said he intends to bring new variety to the neighborhood.

From the outside, one would never expect that Express Graphics, which is located at 5002 N. Old York Road and can be contacted at 215-539-3873, is also home to a hidden gem. Scattered paintings on the first level only hint toward the colorful collection of artwork awaiting your arrival in the basement. Terra Rogers, wife and artist of the paintings, said she found her calling in the second grade and has stuck with her talent ever since.

Hundreds of Rogers' paintings line the basement walls of Express Graphics.

The paintings range in price from $50 and up. Rogers not only paints brightly colored canvases, but also creates stained glass work from old window panels. Her artwork consists of a wide variety of figures such as Barrack Obama and Alan Iverson. She has also created artwork for numerous celebrities and athletes.

As a mother of nine, Rogers is impressed that her children love to create artwork as much as she does and said she hopes that they will pursue it in the future.

Laughing, she said, “We can’t even give them paper cause they draw on everything.”

Hucks said he encourages people to check out the new store and guarantees that they can custom design any requests.

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