Al Día: Latina Artist Leads Children Art Education Program

Jacqueline Unanue showed art pieces at her studio and home.

Chilean artist Jacqueline Unanue teaches a children’s art education program with a focus on a holistic curriculum in West Philadelphia.

The Children’s Art Education Program is for children 2 to 5 years old and takes place during the academic year. The program also has sessions during summer, winter and spring breaks. It accepts kids who are 2 to 8 years old.

Jacqueline Unanue is a native Chilean visual artist whose first language is Spanish. The artist holds her art program in her personal studio located on 511 S. 49th St.

Jacqueline Unanue showed art pieces at her studio and home.
Jacqueline Unanue showed art pieces at her studio and home.

Program sessions are held on weekdays and Saturday mornings.

Unanue, who is the only instructor of the program, said, “The program’s main goal is to develop children’s creativity. It’s a program that works to nurture art and creativity so kids can use them in any other aspect of their lives. I think it can influence their future.”

The children are encouraged to work in a free environment. They are able to choose the materials they will use, the theme, direction and exactly what they will create.

The program is based on a holistic approach that focuses on visual arts, listening to music, yoga exercises, Spanish language learning and small group activities.

In the visual arts portion of the program, children get to draw, paint, work with clay, and do special experiments with varying materials. Some even get to weave on small looms.

Children also listen to classical and international music while working on their drawings and paintings. They are encouraged to play instruments and dance freely.

The yoga exercises are gentle in order to accommodate young participants. The goal of these exercises is to teach children to relax through breathing and how to deeply focus their attention.

Unanue speaks to the children in the program mostly in Spanish in order to encourage them to learn the language.

The program has limited space availability and only works with small groups. This allows the instructor to have a personal connection with each child in the art program.

“The results after a session a very beautiful,” Unanue said. “Each child has his or her own original work and they really enjoy it.”

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