West Oak Lane: Emmaculate Detail Tries to Do the Job Right

Owner Earl Brown puts the finishing touch on a buff job.


Earl Brown’s face lit up when he talked about the types of cars he services.

“There’s something about the 1960s era,” he said, reminiscing about American muscle cars. “Just the other day we had a 1965 Chevy Caprice in here with hydraulics on it. It was pretty cool.”

“We just buffed it up [for the costumer who brought it in]. We got it competition ready. People just like to show off their cars so we made it shine.”

Owner Earl Brown puts the finishing touch on a buff job.

Brown’s love for automobiles is not lost on this generation of models. The owner of Emmaculate Detail, located on the 6800 block of Wyncote Avenue in West Oak Lane, takes a great amount of pride in his work.

“We do all kinds of services here,” he said while buffing out a scratch in a costumers Hyundai Azera. “We basically do details, which entails washing, waxing, buffing, stain removal, scratch removal and stuff like that.”

Brown opened the shop over a year ago and has started to gain a following in the West Oak Lane area. Ann Hall was one of his first costumers.

Ann Hall waits for her car to be washed as she sits outside of Emmaculate Detail in West Oak Lane.

“I gave him a lot of tips that I picked up from other places I had went, and he does a very good job,” she said. “I was one of the first people through the door when he opened up.”

Hall is happy to save a little extra money when she gets her car washed, including the 10 percent discount for senior citizens, and she said she enjoys the opportunity to sit out in the warm spring heat when the weather turns nice.

“Hand detail is the way to go,” said Mike Felder, who took advantage of the garage’s shade and for a chance to escape the sunshine.

“They do good work. Other car washes you have to just run through. They can’t get the undercarriage, can’t get the tires clean. Here they do everything with top notch detail,” he said.

Mike Felder pulls his Chevy Tahoe into the Emmaculate garage.

That type of endorsement has Brown confident in his company’s ability to find growth and continued success in the neighborhood.

The garage was full with four cars waiting to be detailed including one Ford awaiting a complete restoration. Brown said he hopes word of mouth will continue to spread about the care and effort put into every car that comes into the garage.

“I got into this business because I think it can be very profitable and washing cars is something I like doing. I enjoy looking at all of the nice cars.”

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