Hunting Park: A History of Working Together

Flowers on display in front of a home on the 4400 block of North Fifth Street.

Flowers on display in front of a home on the 4400 block of North Eighth Street.

Hunting Park is a neighborhood full of stories with each block having its own unique history.

From being home to James Logan, William Penn’s secretary, and the famed actress Grace Kelly, Hunting Park has a lot of history.

But what many might not know is Hunting Park has a history of its residents helping one another for the betterment of the community. Driving through Hunting Park will reveal revitalization projects, clean blocks, ethnic diversity and acceptance of all religious and cultural backgrounds.

One such example of this is Angelo Lozda, chairman of Philadelphia’s 43rd ward. Ward chairmen, Lozda said, are elected like councilmen every four years. Lozda claims to have held his position for 40 years. “I’m elected by the people, and I work for the people.”

Angelo Lozda, chairman of Philadelphia's 43rd ward.

Lozda goes out of his way to ensure that all residents of his ward are represented and taken care of. “The job of a ward leader to me is very important. I do many things and help people in many capacities,” Lozda said.

Some of the things Lozda does for members of his ward consist of driving seniors to polling places, shopping for the elderly, taking care of problems with city hall and working as an advocate on behalf of the residents.

“A guy’s utilities were cut off. He lost his job and is out of work,” Lozda said. “I act as the liaison between him and the electric company to try and restore his power.”

Wayne Person and another resident saw wood for block repairs.

Lozda’s helpfulness is a continuation of what he described as “the neighborhood’s history of helping others.”

Beauty is also important to Lozda, who organizes an annual street cleaning of the blocks in the 43rd ward. Blocks such as the 4400 block of North Eighth Street, where residents take pride in the upkeep of their block, is one of the ward’s pride and joys. Things like mowing a neighbors lawn, painting unoccupied houses and depositing trash into one of many trash cans lining the street has become second nature. These characteristics have garnered the block recognition from the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee in its cleanest block competition. In honor of this recognition and to progress its own green initiative, nearly every home displays a large green ribbon.

A stylish rock lawn in front of a home on the 4400 block of North Fifth Street.

This notion of helping others and cleanliness is a way of life for residents because this is their home, and they take pride in that fact.


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