North Central: One Barbershop Wants to Transform the Industry

Stylist Kiara added extensions to her customer's hair to add length and volume to her hairdo.
Owner Talib Abdul Mujib shows off his busy barber shop to help draw in new clientele.

One barbershop in North Central strives to live up to its name by bringing out the beauty in all its clients in an atmosphere that feels like home. Completely Beautiful, located at 1617 Cecil B. Moore Ave., was first conceptualized by owner Talib Abdul Mujib in 1998 and finally opened last August. Mujib said creating a comfortable yet professional environment for his customers was most important.

“A part of the reason why I opened this business is that everyone is welcome here and we greet our customers politely,” Mujib said. “Other shops fail to do this so we are bringing back courtesy and that everyone is greeted when they come in.”

Completely Beautiful provides several hair services including: weaves, cuts and blowouts. Mujib said this barbershop specializes in all hair types and natural hair care. Mujib said he encourages all to use the services offered at Completely Beautiful. This business offers not just quality hair services but beauty services as well including facials and manicures.

Mujib said: “Many people do not realize the amount of services we provide just by looking at the front of our shop. We provide a lot of the services that are in a salon and that was my dream.”

Completely Beautiful currently consists of three hair stylists and four barbers counting Mujib. Mujib said having such trustworthy employees keeps his business strong. Kiara, a hair stylist at Completely Beautiful, said it is a privilege working at this barbershop.

Stylist Kiara added extensions to her customer's hair to add length and volume to her hairdo.

“I like being able to share in the experience of art and beauty,” Kiara noted.

When it came to this barbershop, Mujib had even bigger dreams. He said he always wanted to expand his business and open something not usually seen in salons or barbershops.

“I am soon expanding and opening another room in this shop and offering fruit smoothies and a fresh squeezed juice room,” Mujib said. “This is my push to change this industry.”

Mujib said he wants to set a higher standard and begin a new and exciting trend within the beauty industry. Completely Beautiful is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Customers may call the barbershop at 215-279-2678 to schedule a hair or beauty appointment.

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