Cedar Park: Residents Use Local Resources to Stay Active

Residet Becca Zinn said she believed that the various pedestrian walkways promotes vigourous activity.
Local residents use the fields, bike routes and playgrounds in the park to keep them active.

Exercise is a prominent part of the lives of many residents in the Cedar Park area. With many establishments promoting fitness and health, and recreational parks and centers encouraging healthy practices, many residents have learned to use the resources around them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“One thing that is an advantage in this part of West Philly is having a park where people can be active,” said Brad Zinn, a resident of the area who has used Clark Park for walking exercises.

Clark Park, which on any given day is filled with bicyclists, softball players and joggers, has been used by many residents to exercise, stay fit and be healthy.

“It helps to have parks in the area. People don’t have to go too far to stay in shape,” Zinn said.

Sidewalks, like recreational parks, also help to promote vigorous activity. Becca Zinn said she believed the various pedestrian sidewalks have enabled residents to use their legs as a mode of transportation and as a form of exercise, while walking to various sites throughout the community.

Resident Becca Zinn said she believed that the various pedestrian walkways promote vigorous activity.

“I try to walk to many places,” Zinn said, a practice she has used to help her stay active. In addition to walking to many of her destinations, Zinn also said working out five times a week also aids in keeping her fit.

Malcolm Dillard, a resident who has lived in the West Philadelphia area for three years, said he believed having a health center directly in the neighborhood has also promoted a healthy lifestyle because it has allowed residents to stay alert and educate themselves on various healthy lifestyle practices.

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