South Africa: Temple University On Location

A team of Temple University students are working in South Africa with Professor Shenid Bhayroo of the Department of Journalism to produce a series of multimedia stories.

The team’s reflections can be found here at

The team will spend the next five weeks traveling throughout the country, producing stories from various cities and towns and comparing life in South Africa with that in Philadelphia.

Professor Bhayroo is a longtime journalist in South Africa. He worked for a variety of news outlets, including the South African Broadcasting Corp.

The trip is part of the study-away program of the Department of Journalism at Temple University.


  1. Dear Professor
    I am doing the best I can to get on this blog. I personally do not care for this new invention called a blog. I prefer pen & paper and face to face communication. As a student I get better info in person than I do from this new technology. I do appreciate learning it. I feel it will be a valuable asset in my other pursuits in life. I am not giving up but my time constraints are getting tighter. Wish me luck figuring this out. I have not missed a class and just because I have not commented on the class blog does not mean I do not have a comment. You would be surprised to hear what I have to say about everything in general but for now it will strictly stay in the journalism realm. I hope I did not come off to abrupt. It was not my intention. As soon as I can find the time I am changing my major to English. Talk to you later. Sharon L Schafer

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