Strawberry Mansion: Leslie Pinckney Hill Elementary School Gets Ready For New School Year

Back to school mayhem has begun but teachers at Leslie Pinckney Hill Elementary School are ready for the new year.

Geralyn McGinty, a second-grade teacher, gets ready for the first day.

“I am very excited, I love shopping for school supplies,” said Geralyn McGinty, a second-grade teacher in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood school. “I love the beginning of the school year.”

She was putting the finishing touches on her classroom the Friday before school was set to start. Although she enjoyed her summer vacation away from school, she said Sept. 6 could not come fast enough.

McGinty made sure to stay in touch with her students while on break, she said.

“I started this thing I do two years ago, I take their addresses, because I live at the shore during the summer and I mail them post cards and say, ‘I miss you very much, but make sure you’re reading so you stay ahead. I do that because I like to and I know a lot of children in the places don’t go to a lot of these places, so I give them a little picture of something different,” McGinty said.

LP Hill Elementary School first-grade teacher Lacey Yoder prepares a lesson plan for the upcoming school year.

A few classrooms away, in room 212, first-grade teacher Lacey Yoder was nearly done setting up her room for the new school year. Just like her colleague McGinty, Yoder expressed similar feelings toward her students and the upcoming school year.

“I truly love being here, I can’t imagine being in another school,” Yoder said as she was writing out her English lesson plans.

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