Strawberry Mansion: Goals for the School Year

Lacey Yoder, a first grade teacher at L.P. Hill Elementary School in Strawberry Mansion, sat in front of her class as she gave a lesson.

With the new school year only a few weeks old at L.P Hill Elementary School in Strawberry Mansion, the administrators already have goals they hope to reach.

“The number one goal is to always provide the kids with a safe and comfortable learning environment,” said Camara Wilson, the vice principal at L.P Hill Elementary School, “and to make sure they get the information they’re suppose to get at whatever grade level they are at.”

Aside from the school’s individual goals, the Philadelphia School District also has expectations set for schools within the district to reach.

“We have a list of targets geared from the district,” Wilson said, “stuff like the truancy rate, attendance rate, the overall test scores, the number of kids who ate breakfast and lunch…. Our goal is to meet every target.”

Teachers have also set goals for themselves and their students. Although they tend to tailor to specific grades and learning levels, the expectation of success is still high.

Lacey Yoder, a first-grade teacher at L.P. Hill Elementary School in Strawberry Mansion, had her class put their heads down as she told them a story.

“I really want my children being able to be on grade level as far as reading level,” said Lacey Yoder, a first-grade teacher. “I really want them to be prepared for second grade so they can get ready for the [state-wide tests] when they get to third grade.”

Thus far, there haven’t been any instances that can possibly lead to setbacks.

“It’s been going great,” Wilson said, “The start of the school year has been excellent.”

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