Technically Philly: GrownManTV Launches Website to Make You Laugh

Juan Vasquez sets up audio equipment in Kelly's home before filming a short, humorous video about Reiki.


Ryan Kelly, one half of the GrownManTV duo, recorded a video for his new website.

Fueled by the minds of two quick-witted friends, GrownManTV has provided the Internet world with comical videos through its website and YouTube channel. Ryan Kelly and Juan Vasquez, the brains behind the operation, have been filming comedy segments together and sharing them on the Internet since 2005.

“We met in high school,” Vasquez said. “A lot of people knew about [Kelly’s] wild personality, and it worked out that I had these film classes, so we filmed some sketches. We had a positive response to it, so we kept doing that little by little.”

Kelly and Vasquez agreed the main reason GrownManTV was started is because they wanted to make themselves and their friends laugh.

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