Hunting Park: A Fun Educational Event

Kids from the community created these signs in the park.

School Rocks! On Saturday, Nov. 19, the Department of Human Services’ group SCOP will hold its annual Back in School Event at Roberto Clemente Middle School.

Kids from the community created these signs in the park.

Youth motivational workshops, parent workshops and resources will be the main aspects of the event to interact with the community and help keep kids in school.

“SCOP is a great organization, it makes the kids excited about learning and really want to get involved,” said Emmit Brayboy, a DHS social work supervisor.

There will also be free lunch and school supplies to give families a little extra help.

“We try and provide the community with as many resources as possible,” Brayboy said.

The kids might not be interested in just hearing about all the educational resources but the entertainment might change their minds. The Sixers are holding a Dunking for Education contest where they will compete against each other for the crowd and let the kids compete as well.

Emmitt Brayboy talked about the upcoming SCOP event.

“We try and keep the kids interest as much as we can and make it fun,” Brayboy said. “We don’t want them to get discouraged or bored with learning.”

Every month SCOP holds different events throughout the city hoping to inspire kids to stay in school and aspire to their dreams. The organization has events in neighborhoods throughout the city.

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