Fairhill: No End in Sight to Church Construction

Construction workers chipped away at the stone front.
Construction workers chipped away at the stone front.

Fairhill has an abundance of abandoned buildings so it is a refreshing sight to see one getting renovated. That is, unless, it is renovation that has been going on for months with no sign of what is to become of it. Light of the World Church at 11th and Lehigh has been abandoned for years. Curtis Clinton, a Faihill resident, said he remembers when the church was open and didn’t think it needed to be closed. “It’s not like it was falling apart,” Clinton said.

The construction workers on the site were using pick axes to chip away at the old stone front. Two feet beneath the stone were cement blocks. Roberto Garcia, a worker on site, said all the workers know is that there is something wrong with the infrastructure of the building. Whether or not the whole building is to be torn down has not yet been made clear. Clinton says he doesn’t see why they would tear it down when so many other building are much worse off like the old Einstein High school.

Roberto Garcia explained he was unsure about what would happen to the church.

Because the church hasn’t been open in years it has no patronage. Clinton says he’s gone to Holy Cross Church, the church across the street, for most of his life and would not switch to Light of the World even if it gets remodeled.

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