North Philadelphia: Residents Wonder If PHA Auction Will Have an Impact]

The Philadelphia Housing Authority plans an auction today for 100 vacant, scattered-site properties throughout the city. Eva Gaymon, who has lived in North Philadelphia for 43 years, said she would like to see houses built on the many vacant lots in her neighborhood and hopes more houses and fewer vacant lots will make the neighborhood safer. She said she is unsure whether or not the auction will achieve this result.

The auction is part of PHA’s attempt to return some of its 4,000 vacant properties to private ownership under the agreement that the new owners will improve the properties within the next five years. Through the auction, PHA hopes to reduce blight and generate funds, which it will invest in its other properties and public housing programs.

In November, when PHA auctioned off 400 vacant sites throughout the city and brought in $7 million, many Philadelphia residents were upset because the majority of the properties were sold in bundles of anywhere from two to 25 properties. In response, PHA planned today’s auction in which the 100 properties for sale will be sold individually.

Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Co. will facilitate the PHA auction. The event is scheduled to take place at First District Plaza at 3801 Market St. beginning at 1 p.m.

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