Germantown: Wired Beans Café Becomes a Gathering Place

People sat around and enjoyed the poetry.
People sat and enjoyed listening to the poetry.

Wired Beans Café, located at 6734 Germantown Ave., evolved from a typical idea into a premier Germantown destination on Thursday evenings for many local residents.

Robert Wheeler, owner of the café, started the business in October 2010. Wheeler said he believes that the corner location would be a convenient and inviting spot. “I think it’s a great area. It’s a whole community that wanted somewhere to meet, instead of neighborhoods,” Wheeler said.

Every Thursday, people join together in the cozy atmosphere to share poetic experiences. This event is known as Coffee After Dark, created by poet DeLantz, who is passionate about his writing.

“Sometimes I write that day or the night before. It’s kind of like a poetic journal or diary,” DeLantz said.

Marquita Hamilton, who made her third appearance performing, spoke with courage and enthusiasm. “It makes me get in the habit of speaking to people and it makes me want to write more. I like all types of poetry, particularly self-esteem and self-awareness,” Hamilton said.

In addition to individual performances, Coffee After Dark provided interaction for all participants through a segment called café collective. The poetry exercise starts with a word or topic, and each participant has a chance to freelance their own poetic beat.

Due to the success and popularity of the Germantown Avenue location, Wheeler has plans to open a second location at the Chelten Plaza.

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