Mount Airy: Top Politicians Endorse Bass in 8th District

8th District Cindy Bass thanks her family, especially her husband and nephew, for all their support.

Several prominent politicians, including Mayor Michael Nutter and U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, today endorsed Cindy Bass for the 8th District City Council post in a race that has seven candidates vying for the spot that covers most of Northwest Philadelphia.

“She is here to do a job, not just have a job…No one is more deserving of this based off her records of performance,” Fattah said of Bass during a campaign event in Mount Airy.

The small cafe was filled with supporters and friends of Bass.

Bass’ campaign team, supporters and the media rallied at the Wired Beans Café, located at 6734 Germantown Ave., to raise support and funds for Bass’ campaign.

State Rep. Dwight Evans, Fattah, State Sen. Vincent Hughes and Nutter spoke in support of the city council candidate.

“I do need partners and teammates. We want to send someone to council who will be a leader. Cindy has been focused and determined, quietly getting the work done,” Nutter said.

The resounding message at the meeting was the need for unity and teamwork. Each speaker called for a continuing policy of openness and cooperating as the only way to accomplish their goals and make the city better.

“What happens here will make a change. [We need to] work together, do it for the good of the people. Public policy is all about changing the lives you represent,” Hughes said.

Evans called for creating more jobs for the people in the community. He said that it was the role of the politicians to rise up and take care of the people in the community, and that in Philadelphia there is an overwhelming and troubling amount of jobless adults. All speakers remarked on the social issues of the city, calling for better policies to improve Philadelphia’s housing and school systems. The politicians said they believe Bass can help solve those problems.

“This is an issue of service. You got to have a talented individual tied to the community, who knows what to do in that community with the money and policies that comes down from Washington…There are four men behind this woman. It’s not about us, it’s about her effort, her deeds,” Hughes said.

Eighth District Cindy Bass thanks her family, especially her husband and nephew, for all their support.

Bass was born, raised and educated in Philadelphia. She is a graduate of Temple University and has earned her place in Pennsylvania politics. Bass worked as special assistant to State Sen. Allyson Schwartz. She is a senior policy advisor to Fattah and works on urban and domestic policy. Bass is also a member of Philadelphia Chapter of League of Women Voters, Democrat Women of Philadelphia, NAACP and the Coalition of Labor Union Women.

Fattah credited Bass’s leadership for the $105 million in relief funds. He added that the Germantown street-scraping and various new parking lot lights are the result of Bass’ hard work and dedication to the community.

“This is a family committed to public service,” Fattah said.

"We're really excited that she's here. We're supporters of hers," said Wired Beans Cafe owner Robert Wheeler.

Bass spoke last and simply said that she thought her service record spoke for itself and thanked her family and friends for their continuing support.

As she spoke, the representatives of both the Labor Districts Council and the 22nd Ward came forward to announce their organizations’ formal support of Bass. After leaving the café, Bass and Nutter went door to door to talk to voters and gain support for what they called the old-fashioned style of campaigning.

“I am ready to get downtown and get started. We have work to do,” Bass said.

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